How To : Survive grade XI Half yearlies

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, no. This post isn’t going to talk about how to survive grade XI Half yearlies. Because it’s going to talk about how to ace them. Especially if you are taking the exams in 5 days time and you haven’t attended any classes and there’s 5 days left and you still don’t know what you’re doing. Statutory Warning : Only valid for science + CS students studying in Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. English :


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How To : Deal with being second best

Or third best, or fourth.. or not being in the picture at all. This is something I admit I wasn’t really very good at when I was little – a character trait that was probably fueled by my competence in a variety of fields.  (My pompousness is still very much intact, evidently.)

Why I’m writing this is unknown to even me; but I know I dedicate this piece of writing to all those times we (or at least I) have felt inferior or inadequate, when we’ve seen others do great at things we thought we were brilliant at.  The primary cause of concern in these situations is the doubt that presents itself in the form of those hurtful, self- deprecating questions we pose to ourselves.

Ek cheez aati thi tujhe, usme bhi koi aur better nikla

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How To : Screw Interviews Up

In this past week, I’ve been interviewed twice – which is more than the number of times I’ve been interviewed in the last couple of years. One of them went really badly – (yes, intentionally) and the other, important one, went pretty badly. (Unintentionally). Following these two major and minor debacles, this guide just had to be born – documenting the errors I made. So, for the times when you really want to screw your interview up or when you really don’t, here’s ‘How to screw interviews up’ :

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Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTSE) – A definitive guide

Oh blog, I’ve missed you. Oh non-existent readers of my blog, I’ve missed you guys too. It’s 2013, so happy new year to everybody and yeah, happy new ear to Vincent Van Gogh.

I finally returned a couple of days back to find that over 9000 people have been fortunate enough to have come across this weblog, a celebratory dance ensued.

Back to normal now.

So basically, I’ve been approached by a lot of clueless ninth graders asking me what exactly the JSTSE is, and so I’ve decided that it needs it’s own little post. There are previous year (including last year’s) question papers at the end, so if you’re here for only that, feel free to scroll down.

The Junior Science Talent Search Examination, although held on a *state level, is an extremely prestigious examination as it basically proves that you were among the top 150 students in your batch in the entire state of Delhi. Also, it’s pretty good preparation for NTSE, which will only be round the corner in a few months. Continuing.

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Coding for a living – /lisa

This is probably a bit late, but I really wanted to do this and well, I am now. Apologies, for blogging months later, but I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said here, so go ahead and read the first two lines of that if you haven’t already.

Another thing before I begin, this post will contain a number of instances of the phrase ‘coming to the point’, which is my tribute to a particular Physics teacher that has just left our school – one of the best Physics teachers that you might find out there.

So, coming to the point, when I came across the Facebook invite to ‘/lisa’ , I followed the normal sequence of events I normally do when dealing with annoying Facebook event invites – if the name or description of the event contains any of the following, decline immediately :

  • Incorrect Grammar
  • WrITiNG LyK DiS
  • Irritating symbols or emoticons

However, since none of the above were present, I decided to investigate further. Turns out Mozilla and were hosting a first of its kind ‘Hack Fest’ in Delhi – at the Indian Institute of Technology. The prospect seemed exciting enough – build something, so I was all for going, and convinced some friends to come along.

The Delhi Metro and the rain, however were about to play spoilsport – the Metro had their Mock Drill on the 28th, the day of the event and the rains, well, were falling, for the lack of a better word. However, since we really wanted to attend, my father dropped me and a friend there with the condition that we’ll come back by ourselves. We reached considerably early, and ventured into IIT’s mega campus looking for the venue of the event. On asking some people and looking out for signs, we finally came across this :

The registration desk. Not so cool.

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Javascript, GPA and more – CBSE Class X result

So the Central Board of Secondary Education, or the CBSE for short, declared the Class X result this evening. There wasn’t a lot of hype around it this time, because class X results just don’t matter anymore, not that much anyway.

If you’re here simply for the results, please scroll down.

I’m quite certain, absolutely no one’s reading the remainder of this post, and thus I continue in peace.

Thanks to a certain person, some of the students managed to check their result earlier than others using a simple Javascript disable.
For all others, the results finally did come out at about 7 in the evening, followed by a flood of “10 GPA :D” status updates on Facebook.

Now, in India, as I’ve previously stated, checking out others’ results is the norm. However, this time CBSE decided to make that a little difficult by asking for the candidate’s birth date, before displaying his/her result.

Being the snoopy smart ass that I am, I decided to obtain the entire class X result for DPS RKP and then enjoy the amazing feeling of knowing everyone’s result.

Last night, me and a certain other person had this amazing idea to make a search engine out of the results, simplifying the process.
Here is the link.
P.S : I will be doing this when the class XII results come out as well. Jitni gaaliya nikaalni hai nikaal lo.

What to do and what not do – Travelling solo with the Indian Railways

This time I’m not even going to apologize for not posting for so long – I think I made my point clear in my last post here.

So we’ve only just returned to school after a month of joblessness and from the first few days I’m getting the feeling – It’s going to be a good year.
Coming to the title of the post – travelling solo with the Indian Railways is something I’ve been writing about since I can’t even remember when; but I only got the opportunity to experience it last month when I decided to visit my cousins out in Parwanoo, a tiny little hill-town on the border of Himachal and Haryana.
So the rest of this post is a guide for all those people out there who’re wandering the internet looking for someone who might help them prepare for what’s about to come their way.
First of all, I must start by warning all my readers that what I experienced was a Shatabdi and this post will only hold good if you’re travelling by a Shatabdi of some sort. Trains of lesser standard might turn out much horrible as compared to what is described herein.
Now, let’s get straight to it.
1. Book your ticket in advance: If you’re one of those station par mil jaegi sort of people then I advise you to rethink your strategies. The earlier the better, because these days it’s tough to get any train even 2 days before travel. Finally, make sure you book your return ticket as well before leaving – why leave the hassles for later?

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Apologies. I have been extremely busy and I figure, I will continue to be so for the remainder of my life, so I’m afraid to announce that I, from now on, will be blogging occasionally.
But as it is I have no readers, so who I am apologizing to?

For those who’re just here for the archive, well here’s the Senior Quiz Final. (The SQ Final was the only part of the entire event worth making an archive).

For those who’re still here, let us begin. ACCESS is the annual IT Symposium held by Modern BK’s IT Club ‘Bits and Bytes.’ The event is highly anticipated by all because :

  1. The prizes are really awesome.
  2. The prizes are really awesome.

And also, since a number of events are open, as in, allow any number of teams from a single school, the participation is huge. Weeks before the actual event, people are trying to make use of their contacts in schoolso that they’re given an opportunity to go for the event.
The major events were on Saturday, 24 December 2011, and as a result, school promptly refused to provide us transport. Therefore we were faced with the one-line that teachers around school are never hesitant to repeat :

Beta, apne aap aa jana.

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Saraswati Memorial Inter School Fest 2011 – New Era Public School

Finally, I’m back. It’s been two months, but a lot of happenings have kept me busy. LOL JK, I was wasting time most of the time and in my procrastination, finally delayed my return to the blogosphere by some time.

So going straight to the aforementioned topic, the Saraswati Memorial Inter School Fest 2011, was held today at New Era Public School, Mayapuri.   The IT Crossword was the only tech event in the entire Four Day Symposium, with the other main event being a General Awareness Quiz.

The event allowed two teams from VIII – X, and thus there were four of us who were going. Half of us had been informed about the event the previous day only, but still managed to turn up for the event.

Nevertheless, all four of us reached the transport office early in the morning. The transport department was ready with their Ambassador to transport all of us, but demanded that we have a teacher companion. After a lot of searching and delivering leave applications to the respective reps and headmistresses, we were finally able to depart for New Era, with four children stuffed in the back seat of a ‘Sarkaari Ambassador.’ (According to our very own driver bhaiya).

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