Holiday Homework : An Everlasting Predicament

HI there, yup, it’s me again.

Vacations have started and I’ve been busy with the creation of this blog yada yada, so I haven’t found any time to look at my holiday homework.

Now the thing with Holiday Homework is, that it’s just too much.  I, personally, haven’t come across any other country where students are assigned homework even during their summer holidays. Take the USA for example, where the phrase  ‘School’s Out’  is used to refer to a couple of months, during which you are free of everything that might have even the remotest connection to school.

In fact, even my friends in Bangalore are free of such child labour mistreatment  monumental amounts of homework. According to my friend Karan, schools in Bangalore are generally closed from April to roundabout June,  and there is almost no holiday homeworkto be submitted when schools re-open.

I did, actually, consider moving to Bangalore when he told me that.

So yesterday, after all the procrastinating, I did pick the sheets filled with guidelines for students ‘To complete their Homework’, and started reading.

Computer Science was relatively easy.  Preparing an Open Office Text Document shouldn’t be that difficult, should it?

Even though Open Office is  certainly the most inconvenient open source software I have dealt with in my life.

The rest of it? 3 subjects asked us to prepare Lab Files, to be graded out of 6 marks.  A 700 word Essay in English and a 35 page Magazine in Hindi.

I have started with the Open Office Text Document, while the rest stay out-of-my-agenda- for the time being.

Well, it has to be done.

But then,  what use is the entire month of June?


5 thoughts on “Holiday Homework : An Everlasting Predicament

  1. Saale, sharam nahin aati kaam naa karte hue??

    Itna jooth bhi mat bol. It iz not possible that you didn’t do the homework by now

    Bill Gates

  2. I used Google Translate. My wife just told me to.

    PS:- This site is just a random I typed one free day. You see, I keep working on my billion dollar charity all time. Some free time for surfng these days. 😉

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