Spoiler Alert : HIMYM Season 6 Finale Review

So I did manage to grab hold of that final ’24’th Episode, a few days after it was released.

Although I do religiously follow How I Met Your Mother and believe that most of those who read this will be fairly acquainted with the popular SitCom, for those of you who are unaware of this phenomenon that hit TV screens a while back,

I urge you to start watching this, ASAP.

The sixth season, began in September last year, but will hit Star World India tomorrow,(20th May) i.e., 4 days after it ends in the US and Canada.

Now the thing with Season Finales is, that they carry a sense of Nostalgia with them. When I finally, after some hesitancy, did press the ‘Play’ Button, the feeling of Sadness which you get when you part with someone for a long time, overwhelmed the feeling of anxiety that accompanies the last episode of a season.

Enough of the emotional crap. Let’s get straight to review.

The episode begins with a recap of previous events, Ted breaking up with Zoey and The GNB Headquarters Project being flagged off by Ted Barney.

Ted runs into Zoey, a week after their split, where Zoey asks him to coffee. The whole episode shows Ted making up his mind on whether or not to go, where the slightest mishap, would trigger a change in decision.

An argument between Ted and Barney as to who would press the button for The Arcadian’s destruction is a humorous yet subtle addition to the flowing story.

Marshall, who believes he is about to be struck by Food Poisoning, while attending a Job Interview is arguably the lightest part of the show, and will definitely invoke a full and hearty laugh from the audience.

And that’s not all.

At the end, Barney’s surprise meeting with Nora with teary-eyed Robin watching from the back, before the scene fades into the future, where, at a wedding, Ted is being called in to help the groom who is apparently Barney and some great news for Marshall and Lily, leaves the viewer confused, yet, asking for more.

Barney and Nora : The meeting

All in all, I believe the episode’s been wonderfully thought out, directed and enacted with Barney’s supposed wedding with Nora Robin Nora Robin well, I don’t know who it might be, comes as a shock and unexpected surprise.

I know this might’ve got may ‘Barney’s getting married!’ reactions, but with HIMYM, you never know.

You just never know.



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