‘Panda’monium unlimited! – Kung Fu Panda 2

The general trend with movie sequels is that they disappoint.
But Kung Fu Panda 2 is far from disappointing, as it exceeds all expectations, creating a visual spectacle that can not must not be missed.

Directed with verve and nerve by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Kung Fu Panda succeeds in delivering to the audience what it had been missing for a long time – an animation film with marvelous visual effects and action, but also a strong and tantalising storyline to back it up.

What Jack Black did in 2008 (Kung Fu Panda), he betters it in 2011. Reprising the role of the pudgy panda, Po, Jack Black delivers an awe – inspiring performance; he is funny and.. well, that’s it.

He is just plain funny.

Initially a misfit, Po, now the Dragon Warrior, is now living the life of his dreams – protecting the Valley of Peace along with the Furious Five.

But now, another threat looms large, one that is ominously declared to the audience from the get go – Lord Shen is one angry peacock. And he is out to claim what his ‘rightfully’ his – the throne of the Gongmen City, from where he had been exiled by his own parents, a long time back. And this time, he has one weapon that could threaten the very existence of Kung Fu.

A sad but distinct memory and a fuzzy flashback leave Po to question his origins – and Lord Shen has all the answers.

A stupendous fictional world that is vividly rendered, Dreamworks definitely has, set the bar high for its competitor (namely Pixar) this time round. And viewing in 3D sure does enhance the experience.

Stellar performances by Angelina Jolie (Tigress), Lucy Liu (Viper), Seth Rogen(Mantis), David Cross(Crane) and Jackie Chan(Monkey) add to the charm of the movie, as it teases us with dollops of laughter in between tidbits of melancholy.

Gary Oldman does a very commendable job as the evil Lord Shen and Dustin Hoffman is outstanding as ever in his role as the experienced Master Shifu.

And finally, the central message of attaining ‘Inner Peace’ is capably sent out to the viewers, in an exhilarating climax that witnesses a battle between mental and physical strength.

With a yin of action and a yang of laughter, Kung Fu Panda 2 leaves the viewers hungry for more and more and more and..



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