Apologies. I have been extremely busy and I figure, I will continue to be so for the remainder of my life, so I’m afraid to announce that I, from now on, will be blogging occasionally.
But as it is I have no readers, so who I am apologizing to?

For those who’re just here for the archive, well here’s the Senior Quiz Final. (The SQ Final was the only part of the entire event worth making an archive).

For those who’re still here, let us begin. ACCESS is the annual IT Symposium held by Modern BK’s IT Club ‘Bits and Bytes.’ The event is highly anticipated by all because :

  1. The prizes are really awesome.
  2. The prizes are really awesome.

And also, since a number of events are open, as in, allow any number of teams from a single school, the participation is huge. Weeks before the actual event, people are trying to make use of their contacts in schoolso that they’re given an opportunity to go for the event.
The major events were on Saturday, 24 December 2011, and as a result, school promptly refused to provide us transport. Therefore we were faced with the one-line that teachers around school are never hesitant to repeat :

Beta, apne aap aa jana.

And so I had to manage on my own. Thanks to Mohit, that did not prove to be a problem. We arrived on schedule and after a tedious job of registering 40 students from a single school and gathering all of them in a single place only for all of them to scatter again, the Junior Quiz Prelims began.

Now, ACCESS has never been the benchmark in terms of difficulty when it comes to Technology Quizzing. The quiz is MCQ and there is an OMR Answer Sheet. In fact, the level of questions is so low that that the sole reason why the best quizzers from around Delhi are present there is – the awesome prizes, and Free Pizza. Me and Pratul, and Vidur along with Jerry Garcia aka Butalia were the two teams from RKP. We spent about 5 minutes on the prelim and then walked out.

After that there was about an hour to kill before they’d announce the results, and therefore, Pratul decided to take an auto to the nearest McDonald’s, which in the end turned out to be a very entertaining episode. I wandered about the campus, which is absolutely stunning by the way, along with my fellow-quizzer friends from other schools, people who are regulars at almost every other quiz in the capital.

Pratul too came back, although without his bag, which he had left in the auto.

Kya kya gaya?” “Uh..Tiffin….aur..” “Aur?” “Aur Bag!”

Finally they did announce the results, and as it turned out, both RKP teams had qualified. The Free Pizza was being distributed while the finalists were being told to occupy their positions on stage and as a result I couldn’t get my Free Pizza.
The finals were easy, but since all the teams on stage were competitive, the finals were quite action packed. We got quite a few sitters and two or three passes here and there and as it turned out, we beat New Era by 10 points. First position, finally, after a horde of seconds and thirds.
The prize was an HD Network Media Player, which turned out to be not as awesome as expected. But nevertheless,

Kya mila?” “Pata nahin yaar..Koi Network Media Player hai.. ” “Kitne ka hai?” “Pandrah Hazaar..” “WTF?!?”

We even won the overall winners trophy, which is quite coveted and was the one target we really wanted to achieve this year.

Oh and yeah, Happy New Year 2012 to everybody!


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