Javascript, GPA and more – CBSE Class X result

So the Central Board of Secondary Education, or the CBSE for short, declared the Class X result this evening. There wasn’t a lot of hype around it this time, because class X results just don’t matter anymore, not that much anyway.

If you’re here simply for the results, please scroll down.

I’m quite certain, absolutely no one’s reading the remainder of this post, and thus I continue in peace.

Thanks to a certain person, some of the students managed to check their result earlier than others using a simple Javascript disable.
For all others, the results finally did come out at about 7 in the evening, followed by a flood of “10 GPA :D” status updates on Facebook.

Now, in India, as I’ve previously stated, checking out others’ results is the norm. However, this time CBSE decided to make that a little difficult by asking for the candidate’s birth date, before displaying his/her result.

Being the snoopy smart ass that I am, I decided to obtain the entire class X result for DPS RKP and then enjoy the amazing feeling of knowing everyone’s result.

Last night, me and a certain other person had this amazing idea to make a search engine out of the results, simplifying the process.
Here is the link.

Update (2016) : That link doesn’t exist anymore; I have no saved version of what we made back then. So yeah, that is that.

P.S : I will be doing this when the class XII results come out as well. Jitni gaaliya nikaalni hai nikaal lo.


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