Apologies. I have been extremely busy and I figure, I will continue to be so for the remainder of my life, so I’m afraid to announce that I, from now on, will be blogging occasionally.
But as it is I have no readers, so who I am apologizing to?

For those who’re just here for the archive, well here’s the Senior Quiz Final. (The SQ Final was the only part of the entire event worth making an archive).

For those who’re still here, let us begin. ACCESS is the annual IT Symposium held by Modern BK’s IT Club ‘Bits and Bytes.’ The event is highly anticipated by all because :

  1. The prizes are really awesome.
  2. The prizes are really awesome.

And also, since a number of events are open, as in, allow any number of teams from a single school, the participation is huge. Weeks before the actual event, people are trying to make use of their contacts in schoolso that they’re given an opportunity to go for the event.
The major events were on Saturday, 24 December 2011, and as a result, school promptly refused to provide us transport. Therefore we were faced with the one-line that teachers around school are never hesitant to repeat :

Beta, apne aap aa jana.

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Saraswati Memorial Inter School Fest 2011 – New Era Public School

Finally, I’m back. It’s been two months, but a lot of happenings have kept me busy. LOL JK, I was wasting time most of the time and in my procrastination, finally delayed my return to the blogosphere by some time.

So going straight to the aforementioned topic, the Saraswati Memorial Inter School Fest 2011, was held today at New Era Public School, Mayapuri.   The IT Crossword was the only tech event in the entire Four Day Symposium, with the other main event being a General Awareness Quiz.

The event allowed two teams from VIII – X, and thus there were four of us who were going. Half of us had been informed about the event the previous day only, but still managed to turn up for the event.

Nevertheless, all four of us reached the transport office early in the morning. The transport department was ready with their Ambassador to transport all of us, but demanded that we have a teacher companion. After a lot of searching and delivering leave applications to the respective reps and headmistresses, we were finally able to depart for New Era, with four children stuffed in the back seat of a ‘Sarkaari Ambassador.’ (According to our very own driver bhaiya).

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How To : Preview Google + without an invite

Guys, I’m finally back after quite a long interval. Well I did have some unfinished work to complete, and some urgent family business also kept me busy all this while.

Well, now that I’m back, let’s get straight to the action. I know right now, you guys are pretty excited about the title.
What’s making the news for a few days now is the new and shiny ‘Google + ‘  rumored to be the next best social networking website on the internet, labeled the Facebook Killer.’

Now if you have been living under a rock for the past few days, in short, Google+ is a combination of all the killer features of all top-notch social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

There are quite a few features that have been previously seen but have been refined, and there are new and exciting addendum as well.

Now for the hard part, the heart-breaker. To access it, you need an invite.

Yup, my reaction was no similar to yours. Fold your tents and go back home folks, there’s no way I’m getting this invite.

But when there’s a will there’s a way.

I did manage to get hold of a way to get a preview, that is, how your profile and ‘wall’, if we may call it that, would look like in the new Google +.

Be warned, it’s only a sneak-peek – you can’t actually do anything.

Ready? Well, here goes.

1. Go to Google.

2. Type in  “Site : posts” into the search bar and press enter.

Your key to Google +

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The Top Three Free To Play FPSs

First Person Shooters, or FPSs for short, are an extremely popular genre of games, due to their addictive plots and, well..

The fun of killing people. 😛

So, Popular FPSs are generally expensive, and thus arises the need for free FPSs to download and play.

I began my research for this post with an article in Wikipedia on freeware FPSs and discovered quite a few games that had been unknown to me until then, which turned out quite fascinating and exhilarating.

But that wasn’t all, I wandered about like a cloud throughout the vast lands of the internet, until I finally managed to choose the top three that made my list.

3. Alliance of Valiant Arms(A.V.A)


Alliance of Valiant Arms, or A.V.A for short, boasts surreal and vivid rendering as it uses the Unreal Engine. One of the better looking FreeToPlay First Person Shooters, A.V.A , is yet another Massively Multiplayer Online FPS, which is one of the downsides. Apart from that, what kept me playing were its varied gameplay modes, including Escort Mode, which is the one that grabs the player and doesn’t let go.
Can be downloaded here.
Read the rest to find out the best free FPS till date.

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The Complete Guide : Printing a Secured PDF

So this goes out to all of those folks out there who’ve tried to print those secured PDF files and failed innumerable times. This guide is an effort to simplify the process so that others do not have to undergo what I had to.

This is what a secured PDF looks like, where printing is not allowed. Mind you,the feature is very annoying. Very Annoying.

So what I had on my hands was an awesome tech quizzing  eBook, which unfortunately, due to it being secured at the time of creation, did not allow me to print it.

After hours of lonely wanderings through thousands of useless not so helpful articles,  I did come across something quite brilliant.

A software tool called ‘PDF Unlocker‘ was what I was looking for. Continue reading

‘Panda’monium unlimited! – Kung Fu Panda 2

The general trend with movie sequels is that they disappoint.
But Kung Fu Panda 2 is far from disappointing, as it exceeds all expectations, creating a visual spectacle that can not must not be missed.

Directed with verve and nerve by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Kung Fu Panda succeeds in delivering to the audience what it had been missing for a long time – an animation film with marvelous visual effects and action, but also a strong and tantalising storyline to back it up.

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