What to do and what not do – Travelling solo with the Indian Railways

This time I’m not even going to apologize for not posting for so long – I think I made my point clear in my last post here.

So we’ve only just returned to school after a month of joblessness and from the first few days I’m getting the feeling – It’s going to be a good year.
Coming to the title of the post – travelling solo with the Indian Railways is something I’ve been writing about since I can’t even remember when; but I only got the opportunity to experience it last month when I decided to visit my cousins out in Parwanoo, a tiny little hill-town on the border of Himachal and Haryana.
So the rest of this post is a guide for all those people out there who’re wandering the internet looking for someone who might help them prepare for what’s about to come their way.
First of all, I must start by warning all my readers that what I experienced was a Shatabdi and this post will only hold good if you’re travelling by a Shatabdi of some sort. Trains of lesser standard might turn out much horrible as compared to what is described herein.
Now, let’s get straight to it.
1. Book your ticket in advance: If you’re one of those station par mil jaegi sort of people then I advise you to rethink your strategies. The earlier the better, because these days it’s tough to get any train even 2 days before travel. Finally, make sure you book your return ticket as well before leaving – why leave the hassles for later?

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