Coding for a living – /lisa

This is probably a bit late, but I really wanted to do this and well, I am now. Apologies, for blogging months later, but I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said here, so go ahead and read the first two lines of that if you haven’t already.

Another thing before I begin, this post will contain a number of instances of the phrase ‘coming to the point’, which is my tribute to a particular Physics teacher that has just left our school – one of the best Physics teachers that you might find out there.

So, coming to the point, when I came across the Facebook invite to ‘/lisa’ , I followed the normal sequence of events I normally do when dealing with annoying Facebook event invites – if the name or description of the event contains any of the following, decline immediately :

  • Incorrect Grammar
  • WrITiNG LyK DiS
  • Irritating symbols or emoticons

However, since none of the above were present, I decided to investigate further. Turns out Mozilla and were hosting a first of its kind ‘Hack Fest’ in Delhi – at the Indian Institute of Technology. The prospect seemed exciting enough – build something, so I was all for going, and convinced some friends to come along.

The Delhi Metro and the rain, however were about to play spoilsport – the Metro had their Mock Drill on the 28th, the day of the event and the rains, well, were falling, for the lack of a better word. However, since we really wanted to attend, my father dropped me and a friend there with the condition that we’ll come back by ourselves. We reached considerably early, and ventured into IIT’s mega campus looking for the venue of the event. On asking some people and looking out for signs, we finally came across this :

The registration desk. Not so cool.

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OddEve in Visual Basic. OK. You can laugh.

So, its been 2 hours since I posted my first post and I’m back with my second.

I mean, Come on.  I can’t stay away from my  awesome weblog  new blog for that long!

And now coming straight to the point (You will LOL at this if you know a certain Physics teacher known as Savita Chadha),  after the start of my vacations,  I did have some free time on my hands,  so I decided to take up a certain challenge a friend handed me a few days back in school.

Dude, OddEve in Visual Basic is tough. I’ve been trying for a month now and it still doesn’t work”

Now I assume all of my readers know of the existence of a certain finger – cricket game called OddEve.  If not,  then I’m sorry  I can’t explain it to you.

You must find out yourself.

The rest of you who have played this game in your lifetime, congratulations! You get to read the rest of this post.

I worked on the program, it took five days,  some criticism , some plagiarism and some cynicism to finally complete this project and after three rounds of Debugging , I present to you :