Who the hell?

Bharat Kashyap.

0. I don’t think I’m a great writer. I’ve recently come across people who’re in completely different leagues and they’re the ones who deserve to be called great. I’m just your aam aadmi writer, writing about my aam life as it unfolds, trying to make a few people (extremely few according to what my blog stats indicate) smile along the way.

1. Football is something I am extremely passionate about. So much so that one of my childhood dreams is to be able to buy an Old Trafford season pass and sit in the box right behind the home manager alongside the sardaars. Every home game.

2. I know a lot of random little things about a lot of random little things. Sometimes this trait can be annoying for those trying to engage me in conversation.

3. I have come to believe that trusting our mainstream media would mean exposing oneself to a lot of misinformation, poor research and noise. Social media > Mainstream media.

4. I like to lead a complexity-less social life. At times that means my social life becomes non-existent. I don’t mind.

That’s just sad, though.

5. Making a quiz/participating in one is something I would be up for at any time of day, any day of the year.

6. I owe a whole lot to Exun and it not making an appearance in anything I write describing myself would surely be me being inaccurate in describing myself.

7. I love India. I would describe myself as a patriot. Even in this day and age, where nationalism is considered as a conservative belief to hold.

8. If you know me and have ever seen me walking around, you’re probably under the impression that I’m a very serious, borderline arrogant person who refuses to acknowledge the existence of other human beings as he walks past them. This is absolutely true.

9. No it isn’t. The serious expression I almost always bear is probably because I’m thinking about why I’m carrying such a serious expression; also there is no condescension – I often seem like I’m extremely busy and preoccupied because I want to avoid social situations wherein I absolutely suck.

That’s about it.

Say hi if you think I’m pretty cool.
Don’t if you don’t.
But in the end the point is,
Yeah I can’t write poetry.


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